Treasures from My Bookmarks: Colors

Let’s take a break from literary devicing.  Here’s something fascinating:

harry potter frame by framePerhaps you’ve seen it before.  It is every frame of each of the Harry Potter movies condensed (I think) into a pixel wide bar.  Notice how you can see the rise and fall of conflict based on the lightness and darkness of the colors.  The books and movies are described as “darker” the further into the series: looking at this image, they literally are darker.  The change from reddish hues to green ones is also interesting.  I’m not sure what the colorful blue purple orange is just to the right of the center.

This being the internet, there’s more:

Rather than getting every frame, this graphic shows the colors of their clothes.  Nonetheless, a similar story is told, with a different color palette.  What is that white area in the right of center for Hank?

Penultimately, there’s this.  Wired analyzed ten famous books for the colors they mention and then made it into individual graphics.  Notice how Clockwork Orange and 1984 have almost the opposite order of colors as The Road.

Lastly, there’s this RadioLab podcast.  Unbelievably interesting.  From the mantis shrimp’s absurd color perception, to the fact that the color blue never is mentioned in the Bible or the Illiad, or the possibility that the sky is actually not blue.  Too interesting.

I’ll add more color stuff like this as I find more.