South America

John Oliver’s favorite running joke on his Last Week Tonight seems to be the location of South American countries, and our

Before tonight, I could identify Brazil on a map, but that was about it for South America.  That’s pathetic.  There are 414.3 million people that are estimated to live there, and I can’t even identify most of their countries.

So, I Sporcled it up.  Now I can identify every country in South America.  Suck it, John Oliver.

Even better, I looked up the etymology for each of the countries.  Click on the link for the etymology, read on the right for my notes.

Argentina: Ag: silver
Bolivia: Simon Bolivar: liberator dictator
Brazil: red wood
Chile: possibly native word that meant cold/end
Colombia: sooooo, is it acceptable that I just now realized who it’s named after?
Ecuador: equator, equal, and equate are all from the same Latin root
Falkland Islands: after Falkland, Scotland (folk + land)
Guyana and French Guiana: possibly indigenous “respectable”
Paraguay: after the river, which was possibly after a chief that met the Spanish,  water (para) + born (guay)
Peru: river
Suriname: indigenous people
Uruguay: after the river, apparently possibly bird (uru) + tail (guay).  But the website said, in the Paraguay entry, that guay meant born.
Venezuela: Little Venice