Websites That Use Their Data as/for Primary Research

My last post was about a research study Ok Cupid did with the data they use for their business.  I was intrigued by this type of research, so I am working on a list of websites that do this.  To find the sites, I’ve just been searching: (site name) research.  The first result tends to be that site’s research realm if they have one.  So far, here’s the list:








And here are the websites I’ve found that don’t have a dedicated research area, but they do publish research article/s:

Tinder – “Most Right Swiped Campuses 2015”

Lastly, here are the websites I searched that I couldn’t find any in-house research published.

What is the average amount of time held in shopping cart for different categories of products (are books held longer than video games?)?  How many people scroll down to view the ratings on products they eventually buy?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to read the insights of editing patterns?  Are any seasonal?  What articles were heavily edited once, but no longer are as controversial?  Are editors more accurate the more they edit or are there diminishing returns?  What is the most viewed article that has the least edits?

What’s the average time spent/videos watched in “related video” syndrome: when you click video after video?  What’s the ratio of site viewers there in search of a video vs. already has a link?  What demographics browse YouTube channels the most/least?  What videos are more popular with older people than younger?