Charisma: Russel Brand

For my Carnegie month, I should be giving honest and sincere appreciation today (principle 2).  I just came across this video, an interview with Russell Brand, via this Cracked article about people who are making the world a better place.  And I was just blown away by his charisma on the screen.  As Brand chastised the reporters for their mistaking his name, for their SNAFUing their manners, and for their heaping superficiality, I feel myself looking away from the screen, like a little boy looking away from his parents as he’s scolded.  Brand has charisma.

Cracked writer Felix Clay writes this on his charisma:

In this MSNBC interview with Brand on their morning show, the three hosts clearly thought they were embarking on a puff piece with a foolish guest, but the absolute spanking Brand dishes out, the way he humiliates them with a smile on his face and good nature in his voice, is stunning. By two and a half minutes into the interview, it’s clear that Brand is on another level, discussing the posthumous iconography of influential people like Gandhi, Jesus, and Malcolm X, while the morning show crew is still stuck in a realm where the color of his boots is fascinating. When they begin to discuss him like he’s not in the room and then get his name wrong, he treats them like children and explains why their entire careers are pointless.