What else in nature is there like this?

I found it in my bookmarks to write this post.  Mesmerizing in its complexity, but so simple we hardly notice.

I looked through my bookmarks, searched for other herds/packs of animals, then thought, hey, this is kind of similar.  It’s mesmerizing in its complexity.  But the Northern Lights are not something we hardly notice.

That timelapse, though, did get me on the tangential trail of slow motion videos.  And I eventually came across this:

Whether they are people on the streets as we drive past, people on the ground when we fly past, or people on the train when we ride past, the scene is mesmerizing in its complexity, but so simple we hardly notice.  I remember the first road trip my family took where instead of playing on my Gameboy or other device, I just stared out the window at all of the people and things.  For hours.

The creator of the video wrote about the process of making it here.

More bird murmuration.