Life Skill 1: Fast Typing

Learn to type fast.  Think about how much of our lives are spent in front of a device that uses a QWERTY keyboard.  Think how much time you would save if you could type faster.

I learned to type because my grandparents said they’d buy me a laptop if I got good at it.  Both of my parents are fast typists, my maternal grandmother was a very fast typewriter typist, but when I was in grade school, I was pretty slow.  I just couldn’t memorize the letters.  I tried learning on my own, because my family’s computer had some kind of Mavis Beacon demo on it, but I was not disciplined enough.

Then came middle school, when we were allowed to take a rotation of life skills classes.  I forgot what it was called, but we had a quadmester (definitely not what they called it) of cooking/baking, sewing, typing, and shop.  I enjoyed all of it, but typing was my favorite.  I was fast after seventh grade, and a lot of rounds of Typer Shark, but I was even faster after I took a similar class in eighth grade.  I was the fastest typist in the school.  All of the AIM chatting helped, too.

This was a pretty fascinating visualization of why the touch typing system is so efficient.  But still, I’m considering learning the Dvorak keyboard.  I don’t know if it would be worth it, considering I can type accurately at 100 WPM, but maybe.

Far more interesting than sheer speed, I love how becoming proficient at typinghas allowed me to harldy think about it at all.  It must be nearly as natural to my mind as writing with a pen/pencil.  I can just close my eyes, as I’m doing now, and write.  My fingers know when to hit the backspace, if ever, and I can just form the sentences, mold them with my hands and my mind.  IT is incredibly satisfying writing with the screen off.  I write journals every night reflecting on the day.  Sometimes I will set a timer, let’s say for 10 minutes, and close my eyes and just type until the timer goes off.  So relaxing.

Something else I like about it is hearing the noise a steady typing rhythm makes.  It almost sounds like rain.

Apparently touch typing was invented in 1888.