ATOV: Every n years

So I came across this Category page in Wiktionary.  What caught my interest was the righthand sidebar.  It lists “Recent additions to the category” and “oldest pages ordered by last edit.”  Here is what they are now:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 23.47.10Adoxography is definitely a word to add to our vocabularies.  It means “fine writing on a trivial or base subject”.  What an easy way to give a back-handed compliment when you want to praise the message but condemn the topic.

Anyways, the list updates.  And I found the word “quinquennial”.  It was easy enough to see what it meant, same as annual, but instead of once per year, “quinquennial” means once per five years.  But I didn’t know the word/idea had a name.  So I looked up as many of these “every n years” words I could find.  And I found this excellent list.  Somehow, I want to use “dodransbicentennial” in my everyday speech.