Small Worlds: Homemade Liqueurs

Did you know how much cheaper it is to make your own liqueurs?  More importantly, did you know how easy it is and how much more delicious it is?  Yeah, me neither.  I never gave it much thought.  It was one of those small worlds of deep interest.

I found this four years ago.  It is a treasure trove of recipes, science, and techniques.  It’s Web 1.0 interface only adds to it’s useability.  I especially recommend the Kahlua recipe.  Far better than storebought, and far cheaper.

I’ll update this as I research more sites dedicated to this, as I did with the potato chip blogs.  I’ll also add a picture of my nocino, currently on its fourth year of aging.

Small Worlds: Chipweb and the World of Chip Blogs

I love stumbling across entire little worlds dedicated to something I barely have ever thought about.  Here’s one: ChipWeb: For the Love of Chips.  A blog dedicated to potato chips.

A typical post will feature a picture of the specific chips in question (almost always a picture of the bag rather than the actual chips) and then a commentary: summary and critique.

A particularly interesting post was from 2008’s September: Remember the Classics.  The author, Donnie, laments the chip industries ever interest in creating the next new taste in the world of chips.  Donnie advises us to remember the veterans, to ground us in the stalwarts of the potato slices, to pay our respects to the crispy classics.  Here is his post in entirety:

It seems that there is an ongoing challenge in the chip industry to keep creating the newest shape and/or flavor of chip. There are chips in the shape of beans, 3D chips, sticks, fries, nuggets, spirals…chips made from rice, potatoes, corn, whole wheat…flavors such as wing, blue cheese, burger, hot dog, seafood, and vegetables. I am not complaining but I can sometimes get overwhelmed when deciding between a chip with flax seeds or a BBQ flavored air-popped chip or even a Dorito that has ranch on one side and wing flavoring on the other. Sometimes I forget that there are so many amazing chips out there already that I know to be good and they should not be overlooked. Here is a list of chips that I consider classic and that I will always enjoy.

Lays Sour Cream and Onion
Lays BBQ
Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion
Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar
Doritos Cool Ranch
Doritos Nacho Cheese
SunChips Harvest Cheddar
SunChips French Onion
Kettle Chips or Zapps (any flavor)
Frito’s Chili Cheese
Frito’s BBQ
Hot Fries
Shoestring Fries

Post History

Unfortunately, the love of chips is dead.1

imageYes, verily, there is no joy in Chipville.  And the world is that much of a sadder place.

Do not fear, dear reader, “somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright” and the world of chips is being deftly reported upon by fellow chip critics.  On this very day there is a new post on ChipReview, detailing and critiquing Manomasa’s Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Tortilla Chips.  That’s definitely not on the list of chip classics.

Although Donnie and his Chipville brethren might be turning in their blogging graves due to this yet another challenger to the classic chips, surely they will be happy to see that the blogging world of chips is alive and healthy.  From just a brief search, I’ve found the following:

As we celebrate the living, so must we also remember the fallen.  Here are still visible, but no longer updated chip blogs:

And then there are the notable dilettantes:

  • Sur La Table, the kitchen supply store for home chefs who don’t live nearby a vastly cheaper restaurant supply store, has a blog, and they just recently reviewed potato chips.  Pretty impressive comprehensiveness.
  • Junk Food Guy does it all, being the internet’s “daily snack of junk food, pop culture, & awkwardness.”

    If you find any additions, please let me know.

As a sidenote, one project I’d like to do on this website is to curate a list of blogs and personal websites that have stood the test of time.  I am particularly thinking of blogs that have never become popular, blogs that the writer just continues to populate with posts for a reason perhaps other than popularity.

  1.  The stories that these graphs tell of blogs are fascinating.  What happened in 2008 that made the authors decide to post so much about chips?  Was someone going through a divorce or a round of funemployment?  Were they preparing for the high school reunion of their fellow chip afichipionados?